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Feb 09, 2009

Using a default persistence profile and iRule persistence on the same VS

I have an iRule applied to a VS that sends traffic to different pools based on its uri. I have a default persistence profile defined already on the VS (smsession) but on one of the pools I would like to use a different method of persistence (cookie).

If I define the persistence to that pool in my iRule as shown below, which method of persistence is used in the end? Can you use a default persistence profile AND specify a different method using an iRule?

 set header_uri [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] 
 if { [matchclass $header_uri starts_with $::www_uri] } { 
 pool WWW_Pool 
 } elseif { [matchclass $header_uri starts_with $::oam_uri] } { 
 HTTP::redirect "" 
 } elseif { [matchclass $header_uri starts_with $::cp_uri] } { 
 persist cookie insert "CP_Cookie" "0d 03:00:00" 
 pool CP_Pool 
 } else { 
   pool My_Pool 

2 Replies

  • This should work fine, you can also disable persistence altogether when it's set on the virtual with the persist none command.
  • Hi , I have a "mirror" issue. I have a vip with a default pool and a default persistence profile. I need to write an iRule that select another pool for some clients that are listed in a data group but I have to be sure that the default persistece profile is used for those clinets as well. Will I get the result just omitinng any persist command in the iRule? Unfortunately I need both mirroring and croos service persistence that are not configurable with the persistence command ..