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May 19, 2024

Pool Members communication with B-party via F5 VIP

Dear All,

In general, the B-Party servers requesting data and F5 sending these requests to VIP pool members.

 But in my case, we want VIP pool members to be able to send requests to B-party servers via VIP.

In this case all communications between VIP Pool members and B-party must be via VIP.

How to configure that the Pool members can send requests via VIP to B-Party nodes and B-Party response to VIP.

I will really appreciate your support and help in regard.




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  • create a new pool with B-party servers as the pool member,
    then create a virtual server and assign the new pool to the new virtual server.

  • To configure VIP pool members to send requests to B-party servers via VIP and ensure all communications are routed through the VIP, 

    1. Set Up SNAT (Source Network Address Translation):
      • Configure SNAT on the F5 load balancer to ensure the VIP pool members use the VIP address when sending requests. This ensures that the return traffic from B-party servers is correctly routed back through the VIP.
      • Navigate to Local Traffic -> Address Translation -> SNAT and create a new SNAT configuration.
    2. Configure Virtual Server and Pools:
      • Ensure you have a virtual server (VIP) configured with the appropriate IP address and port.
      • Add the B-party servers as pool members within this virtual server configuration.
    3. Modify Pool Member Settings:
      • Edit the pool member settings to ensure they can initiate connections via the VIP. This might involve configuring health monitors and other settings to ensure persistent and reliable communication.
    4. Persistence Profile (Optional):
      • If session persistence is required, configure a persistence profile to maintain session state between the VIP pool members and B-party servers.
    5. Apply the Configuration:
      • Save and apply the configuration changes on the F5 load balancer.

    Example Configuration Steps:

    1. Create a SNAT:
      • Go to Local Traffic -> Address Translation -> SNAT List.
      • Click Create and define a SNAT.
      • Set the translation address to the VIP address.
      • Specify the source addresses (VIP pool members' addresses).
    2. Configure the Virtual Server:
      • Go to Local Traffic -> Virtual Servers.
      • Click Create and define a new virtual server with the VIP address.
      • Set the destination port and other relevant settings.
      • Add the B-party servers to the pool associated with this virtual server.
    3. Edit Pool Members:
      • Go to Local Traffic -> Pools -> Pool List.
      • Select the pool and add B-party servers as members.
  • Really appreciate your response.

    You mean I should bring the B-Party servers + our servers Ips under same Pool and create VIP?


    Our servers:,,,

    B-Party Server:

    New Pool Members:,,,,



    If this is the configuration what will happen if B-Party send request via same VIP won't it hit the B-party server as pool member. because I will configure Round Robin? Both sides communication must be done via same VIP.

    Our Servers<====> F5-VIP<====>B-Party 



    Sorry for taking your time...

  • Sure, I will create a new virtual server ip but do I need to put both our servers+B-party servers ips under new Pool and set Default Pool to new virtual server ip.


    If you don't mind and have time to discuss it on skype. it. I may not be able to convey my message correctly here.

    Skyp ID: Rahmanullah21

  • Dear Robinhood,

    much appreciate your support and giving time to my issue.

    I've added both our servers and B-Party server ip under New Pool, create new VIP and create SNAT(Translate address set to the VIP(there is no source addresses option) as well. but the issue's We've Site to Site VPN with B-Party which is on public ip so we can't reach the B-Party server ip. Will this solution still work?

    Please have the scenario we want.