Lightboard Lessons: SSL Transactions Per Second

The number of SSL Transactions Per Second (TPS) that your BIG-IP can handle is important to know as you deploy web applications.  In this video, we discuss how the BIG-IP calculates how many SSL TPS you can perform and what you can do if you are getting close to your limit.  During the video, a couple of tmsh commands are referenced; here they are for your review.


The command (and sample response) to show how many SSL Transactions Per Second you are licensed for:

 tmsh show sys license detail | grep -i perf_SSL_total_TPS

perf_SSL_total_TPS : 500


The command (and sample response) to show how many TMMs you have:

 tmsh show sys tmm-info global | grep -i 'TMM count'

TMM Count 4


Remember to multiply the SSL TPS by the number of TMMs to get the overall number of SSL TPS for your BIG-IP system (in this case, 500 x 4 = 2,000 total SSL TPS).  

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Published Mar 22, 2017
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