F5 LTM HA pair upgrade Automation using Python

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Perform autonomous F5 LTM upgrades with python

Using a single python script to Automate F5 LTM's deployed as a High Available Pair

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  • the script gathers ucs and qkview from both the device pairs and uploads to an SFTP server defind by environment variables
  • it then gathers the state of all the VIPs and Pools from both device pairs and stores the files locally
  • It stores the state of the active volumes from both devices
  • it identifies the active device and saves the running config and does a verify load to check for config errors
  • it then proceeds to find the standby device and install the image on a inactive volume
  • once installation of image is complete it proceeds to reboot to volume with new image
  • once the device is up and the mcpd is up, it checks the state of vips/pools with the pre-check, if there are differences it stops the upgrade, if no differences are identified it proceeds with the next device


How to use this Code Snippet

git clone https://github.com/anesh/f5_ltm_upgrade.git
cd f5_ltm_upgrade
  • create a file called "f5devices.txt" and add the devices to be upgarded along with image in the below format
F5-2-lab BIGIP-15.1.6-0.0.8.iso
F5-1-lab BIGIP-15.1.6-0.0.8.iso
  • To run the automation exceute the below command
python start_upgrade.py

Full Code Snippet


Published Sep 02, 2022
Version 1.0

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