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Aug 23, 2011

Node failover

If I have a pool with 4 nodes



Node A


Node B


Node C


Node D



If node A fails, I want it's clients to failover to Node a.



Node A if fails send clients to Node a


Node B if fails send clients to Node b


Node C if fails send clients to Node c


Node D if fails send clients to Node d



So each node has it's own static backup node.



Anyone know how to accomplish this?






Peter M.

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    I'm not sure I follow what Node a is vs. Node A. You mean you want to fail to a backup Node that isn't B, C, or D?



    That's certainly possible. You would just need to check the node state prior to sending a request there. This can be done with the LB:: commands pretty easily. A rudimentary example would look like:



    if {!([LB::status node] eq "up") } {


    node 80





  • Yes Node A is one IP with Node a another. I want to force it to go to Node a versus another Node in the pool
  • How about you create 4 pools



    NodeA pool contains both nodes "A" and "a"


    NodeB pool contains both nodes "B" and "b" so on and so forth.



    Then set the high priority on node A in Pool NodeA ... so if Node A fails then it will go to node a ...



    Just my 2 cents.