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Nov 14, 2010

HTTPS to HTTP Redirect for Google Non Secure Search Libraries

Hi, I am looking to redirect a single page on my site from https to http, if ever called securely (https). I did find this article on https to http redirection but it it more indepth than I think I need to go;



Much like the Google search on this Dev Central site, when a customer uses the functionality in https, IE returns a non secure pop up warning message due to the insecure Google libraries referenced.



This iRule is what I have attempted, however I am not seeing the results I'd expect. Please help. expected outcome; when called responds with results as; Do I need to specify if the cypher is secure, then redirect? Please help.





if { [HTTP::uri] contains "search-results.shtml"} {


HTTP::respond "http://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]"











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  • scott,



    i think u intend to use http::redirect rather than http::response in the rule.
  • Thanks nitass,



    Your response made me realize that the "search-results.shtml" page is an HTTP response results page from the web server, not a request from the Client. Please disregard this request. I have some additional digging to do to better understand what I am trying to achieve.