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Jan 29, 2021

How to config BGP peering for F5 in HA-pair?



I've setup F5 BGP peering with router and have problem due to we can't use floating IP as IP BGP neighbor address . So we need to use self IP as IP BGP neighbor address.


Problem is It's make router can't decide which path is correct when they send response traffic to F5. F5 active unit or standby unit. Router can't know status on F5. I try to add prepend on BGP which is standby unit and it's fine. but when standby unit takeover . it's failed again.


Is there a way to deploy BGP with F5 HA-pair?

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  • BGP Peering for HA should change the weighting of the BigIP self-IPs on failover, so the upstream router has a preference for the Active device self-IP.


    AskF5 Home / Knowledge Center / BIG-IP LTM / BIG-IP TMOS: Routing Administration / Dynamic Routing



    About dynamic routing for redundant system configurations

    If the BIG-IP system that you are configuring for dynamic routing is part of a redundant system configuration, you should consider these factors:

    You must configure the dynamic routing protocols on each member of the device group.

    For protocols that include the router ID attribute, you should verify that each member of the device group has a unique router ID.

    When you configure Route Health Injection (RHI), only active device group members advertise routes to virtual addresses.


    Special considerations for BGP4, RIP, and IS-IS

    For the BGP, RIP, RIPng, and IS-IS protocols, you no longer need to specifically configure these protocols to function in

    active-standby configurations. Each member of the device group automatically advertises the first floating self IP address

    of the same IP subnet as the next hop for all advertised routes. This applies to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.




    Make sure your Virtual Addresses are set to enable Route Advertisement


    Alternatively, you can use imish to create a specific custom route map to advertise via the floating self-IP.