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Jun 27, 2012

hostname / ip of bigip in irule

might be an easy one or just not possible.



it there a way to read the hostname from the bigip box (or ip, i.e. management) from within an iRule?




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  • tcl_platform wiki

  • thank you nitass, so a v11 addition, bad luck we are using v10 at the moment.



    no other way known?



    hardcoding is not an option, the irule would live on different boxes and i don't like creating one per box.
  • i do not see any other command. not sure if other guys have any idea.



    by the way, is it possible to use virtual server name instead?



    virtual wiki

  • Try [info hostname]



    milkman@aji-lemon:~$ tclsh


    % info hostname




  • Try [info hostname] cool! it works on my unit.

    Jun 28 02:32:57 local/tmm info tmm[4861]: Rule myrule :
  • perfect indeed, thank you very much MiLK_MaN.



    works on v10 and v11 btw.