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Apr 18, 2011

here is the doubt about the order of 2 irules,one is HTTP::cookie secure

Hello,good morning



I have 2 irules under one VS



the first one is add secure deal with HTTP_RESPONSE,the second one is main irule deal with HTTP_REQUEST


here is add secure irule


when HTTP_RESPONSE { set myValues [HTTP::cookie names] foreach mycookie $myValues { if {$mycookie == "cjj"} { Do nothing. } if {$mycookie == "jjc"} { Do nothing. } else { HTTP::cookie secure $mycookie enable } } }



the main irule only include http_request event and send request to different pool against parameter in uri



at the begining someone put main irule before add secure irule,some user can't open the page


hence,another put add secure before main irule



it is ok now in this order:




add secure


main irule



can some tell me what is the difference of this order



I try to understand this but can't



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  • What happened when the users tried to open the page and reported they can't, what did they actually experience? Is only the http_request event used in the main irule, while the http_response is only used in the add secure irule? Why are they separated in the first place if they are handling discrete events?