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Apr 02, 2024

[APM] The F5 API returned the error BadRequest(400)

Hello Team , 

We use a tool for whitelisting the URL and IP's and push the configuration to F5 everyday . We have below error on the tool . Can we check anything on the F5 . I did not find any error message on the audit logs . 


Error : F5 synchronization batch reported an error while managing F5 : SendRequest: The F5 API returned the error BadRequest(400) received from the API: request failed with null exception

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  • You can check to see if there are errors in /var/log/restjavad.0.log.
    Is this happening all of the requests from the tool to the API or just occasionally?
    If on ALL requests, has anything changed in the tool or script recently?  Only asking this because the error suggests ther eis something about the request that the API didn't like; i.e. a bad header name or improperly formatted JSON body, etc.