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For nearly 12 years at F5, I've had only two job titles - Security Systems Architect from 2004-06 and Technical Marketing Manager since 2006. Whenever anyone asks what I do at F5, I typically answer, 'Writer, speaker and video producer,' in that order. Above all, I focused on covering emerging trends within our industry and evangelizing the various solutions - including F5's - to solve some of these challenges.

I am now embarking on my third adventure at F5 - joining the F5 DevCentral team as a Sr. Solution Developer - concentrating my writing, speaking and videos on our amazing community.

DevCentral’s mission is to deliver technical thought leadership to the community through connecting, preparing, and empowering professionals engaged with F5 technologies and I'll be helping develop, test and share technical solutions to some of today's technology challenges. In many ways, my job really doesn't change all that much, except for digging a little deeper into technical solutions and engaging deeper within our community.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that my technical chops have slightly eroded since my SSA days installing FirePass (now our BIG-IP APM) and TrafficShield (BIG-IP ASM) but I'm looking forward to returning to my technical roots exploring and explaining how some of this stuff works in the real world. I'll still write lighter stories about IoT, mobile, cloud and the usual (or unusual) things that interest me along with contributing to DevCentral's already awesome LightBoard Lessons video series and reporting from industry events. If you remember the 'In 5 Minutes' video series, I'm also toying with the idea of resuming that - in LightBoard - so if you got any early requests, let me know.

I published my first blog post ever on DevCentral in 2007 and with over 1000 entries later, including close to 400 videos, I feel like I'm coming home.


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Published Feb 03, 2016
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