Site Launch Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, community. We are maintaining this FAQ as new issues come in that might be experienced by the community at large. This will be continually updated as we fix the discovered issues.

Login Issues

  • I can't log in with my existing DevCentral credentials, how do I get logged in?
    • Your existing credentials from the old site will not work. You need to create a new account with a valid email address.
  • I am already a member of DevCentral. Why do I need to create a new account?
    • For years the community has requested consolidated credentials across F5 web properties. DevCentral is the first site taking a step toward that reality, which requires a change in the credential setup.
  • My password manager no longer works because the username and password are handled on separate pages, what can I do?
    • Try any of these password manager tips provided. YMMV.
    • Dashlane
    • 1Password
    • Keepass - auto-type keystroke sequence (#hattip to MVP Patrik Jonnson): {USERNAME}{ENTER}{DELAY 3000}{PASSWORD}{ENTER}
    • Lastpass

Profile Issues

  • How do I get all my old content contributions back?
    • Click on your profile and click edit, then scroll down toward the bottom of the page. You can merge in your old content by providing your old username and password and clicking merge account.
  • I have merged my old account. Where are my favorites?
    • The favorites were not ported over. You'll need to rebuild this.

Content Issues

  • I am searching on Google for DevCentral content and every link is returning a 404 page. What's wrong?
    • It will take Google some time to index the new site and update its content. This should resolve itself in a week or so.
  • Where is all the /wiki content?
    • The wiki did not journey onward with DevCentral. The API documentation from the wiki is now located at Other namespaces in the wiki were not retained, but select content from those areas will be released as articles in the near future. Comment below if there is anything in particular you need and we will prioritize it.
    • You can download an offline copy of the wiki for personal access.
  • Some links embedded in DevCentral content and most of my bookmarks are resulting in a 404 page. What's wrong?
    • We have some limitations with redirects we’re working through. We prioritized the links most often visited. Other links are unlikely to work. Please search by title on DevCentral and you should find what you're looking for and can update your bookmarks. We will also be working on embedded links over time.

Site Issues

  • Why is nothing redirecting? I hear you make a killer product that does this sort of thing?!?
    • It's not true that nothing is redirecting, we just have some limitations with redirects and have prioritized the most popular destinations. If you end up on the 404 page, search for your content in the DevCentral search bar and you should find what you're looking for.
    • We are aware of the power of BIG-IP iRules. We've written just a few here and there over the years. Our hosted solution makes using iRules not possible at this time.
    • If you have the Tampermonkey browser extension, Michael Jenkins (former MVP) whipped up a couple scripts that will only redirect , or will rewrite on the page at document load and then redirect on click, all the API links that were formerly in the DevCentral wiki to their new home on Clouddocs.
  • Why is the title font so blurry?
    • There is a rendering condition on the font that needs to be addressed for some browser in some situations. For example, Safari and Firefox show this issue on my external monitor, but it looks fine on my retina screen, whereas with Chrome, it looks fine on both screens. Your mileage may vary.
Published May 17, 2019
Version 1.0

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