Post of the Week: Two-Factor Auth and SSO with BIG-IP

In this Lightboard Post of the Week, I answer a question about 2FA and SSO with AD/RSA on BIG-IP by creating a SSO Credential Mapping policy agent in the Visual Policy Editor, that takes the username and password from the logon page, and maps them to variables to be used for SSO services. Special thanks to senthil147 for the question and a new 2018 MVP, MrPlastic (Lee Sutcliffe, which I flubbed) for the great answer.


Posted Question on DevCentral: 2FA Authentication with SSO on APM



Published Jan 26, 2018
Version 1.0

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  • Nice introduction. We use this with some different authentication and applications. But now our customer wants to have the second factor only one time a day (or 8h), for more comfort. Often we use SAML with IDP and LDAP in the end. As second factor radius over RSA. All is running over the F5. Do you have any idea to implement this?