Managing BIG-IP Licensing With BIG-IQ

If the article title doesn't have you excited, I don't know what else to do. You know BIG-IQ centralizes management and analytics of BIG-IP and Per-App Virtual Editions across your enterprise. Were you aware that BIG-IQ can run as a License Manager to simplify more complicated subscription and license pool requirements... for free? Subscriptions, RegKey Pools, offline licensing, and all the other customer requirements made licensing a quagmire that BIG-IQ License Manager can help solve. Below you will find several resources to assist configuring BIG-IQ as a License Manager or just simply manage a few licenses.

Configuring BIG-IQ as a License Manager

This video provides a walk through demonstration of setting up BIG-IQ as a License Manager. If you already have BIG-IQ running as a Configuration Manager, you already have this working. I recommend watching this on Youtube directly.

How to Manage Licenses Within BIG-IQ

This video provides a detailed walkthrough example of how to manage subscription licenses within BIG-IQ. I recommend watching this on Youtube directly.

Further Resources:

BIG-IQ Centralized Management: BIG-IP VE Subscriptions - The document you want when configuring BIG-IQ as License Manager or how to manage licenses within BIG-IQ. 
AskF5 K77706009: Using BIG-IQ License Manager to remotely manage BIG-IP Virtual Edition licenses

Published Sep 04, 2018
Version 1.0

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