Governance and Automation - Distributed Apps for Hybrid Cloud Architecture


This is the first of a three part series of demo and showcase created for Singapore Govware 2022 - Asia largest Cyber Security Conference. 

Learn the best ways to incorporate API security controls.

Governance and Automation - Distributed Apps for Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The important of a solid software release methodology

Applications are essential to our daily life. It is a critical asset for all of us as well as for organisation. Hence, for organization, it is critical to ensure apps are robust, secure, fast and appealing to user. To maintain a robust, secure, fast and appealing apps, it is important to ensure those apps are frequently released in a timely manner. Apps releases need to be supported by a solid software release methodology.

This demostration will showcase how an organization can leverage F5 Distributed Cloud Platform couple with various open source tools to deliver an application securely to production via Continious Integration and Continious Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. The entire appliation delivery lifecycle follow the lifecyce from Day-0, Day-1 and Day2.

Securing and operationalizing the following distributed application with hybrid edge is complex and difficult. Let’s see how F5 Distributed Cloud Platform can make it seamless and easy.

Sample application - Arcadia Financial will be use for this demo. This application consist of many components/microservices that are distributed across many sites - AWS, Azure, Ruggadized hardware, Data Center1 and Data Center2.

All those compoenents communicate with each other via a secure application mesh fabric (IPSEC/SSL tunnel). Security policies (e.g. Web Application Firewall, API Security and Bot management policy) are enforced and in position to secure, control and monitor traffic between all sites. Application developer can securely deploy apps onto the platform with the assurance that they are getting a consistant protections.

Application Delivery Framework

This framework encompasses BUILD, CHANGE and OPERATE methodology as shown below. 

Here is the full video demonstration.



Here is the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from code commit to secure image scanning to testing in stagging/dev to production releases. Pipeline will start upon code commit by software developer.

CODESparks - ShipHats is a CI/CD tools that help shorten development life cycles and speed up software delivery while ensuring security and reliability. CODESparks will trigger the deployment of apps onto F5 Distributed Cloud Platform. Please refer to the video.

Once application deployed, platform operator, application owner, netops, secops and developer can visualize and monitor those application from a centralized SaaS console.

Below is a service graph observability obtained from F5 Console. It gave a clear visibility on where are those site located and the service interaction of those component of the apps

Below shown the microservices interaction and it associated health. If any part of the microservices not healthy, color will change to amber or red. 

Summary of all 3 parts

Part 1 - Governance and Automation - Distributed Apps for Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Part 2 - API Security Strategy - Discover and map APIs, block unwanted connection and prevent data leakage

Part 3 - Bot Management Strategy - Defense against malicious bots with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense


Updated Jun 06, 2024
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