F5 iWorkflow and Cisco ACI : True application centric approach in application deployment (End Of Life)

The F5 and Cisco APIC integration based on the device package and iWorkflow is End Of Life.
The latest integration is based on the Cisco AppCenter named ‘F5 ACI ServiceCenter’.
Visit https://f5.com/cisco for updated information on the integration.

On June 15th, 2016, F5 released iWorkflow version 2.0, a virtual appliance platform designed to deploy application with greater agility and consistency. 

F5 iWorkflow Cisco APIC cloud connector provides a conduit allowing APIC to deploy F5 iApps on BIG-IP. By leveraging iWorkflow, administrator has the capability to customize application template and expose it to Cisco APIC thru iWorkflow dynamic device package. 

F5 iWorkflow also support Cisco APIC Chassis and Device Manager features. Administrator can now build Cisco ACI L4-L7 devices using a pair of F5 BIG-IP vCMP HA guest with a iWorkflow HA cluster. 

The following 2-part video demo shows:

(1) How to deploy iApps virtual server in BIG-IP thru APIC and iWorkflow

(2) How to build Cisco ACI L4-L7 devices using F5 vCMP guests HA and iWorkflow HA cluster

F5 iWorkflow, BIG-IP and Cisco APIC software compatibility matrix can be found under: 


Check out iWorkflow DevCentral page for more iWorkflow info: 


You can download iWorkflow from https://downloads.f5.com

Published Jul 11, 2016
Version 1.0

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  • This information is outdated. Current approach leveraging F5's collaboration with Cisco ACI engineering is found searching for our F5 ACI ServiceCenter product.