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In talking with many of our Customers, Consultants and Engineers during the day to day duties of my position in Product Management, I hear the benefits and challenges of management. Sometimes in a formal setting, and other times, during casual conversation, I hear: “GTM is a great DNS Services and GSLB solution.” And a few comments I hear: "Is there a plan to combine various menus for simplification?” For instance, some objects are configured in BIG-IP LTM and others in GTM menus. In addition, during provisioning both menus need to be activated.  F5 is always seeking to improve usability, so in the latest version 11.5, we introduced the new DNS menu structure:




Now it’s easy to deploy and configure DNS/GTM objects consolidated all in one menu location. No longer do you need to go back and forth to configure common objects like caches, profiles or DNS Express. Everything is simplified for fast, easy DNS and GSLB management. Not only has the DNS/GSLB menu been consolidated into one, it has also been given a more DNS centric look and feel.   One place this is really noticeable is the new listener sub-menu.




Notice all of the “non-DNS” items listed under the old menu. In our latest solution, F5 designed a more logical and clearer menu structure, combining separate DNS and GSLB functionality giving it a logical and consolidated location for fast, easy administration. Now in the new version only DNS pertinent objects are shown.


New interfaces can sometimes be clumsy and force the user to learn a new way of doing things however, this new DNS with GSLB menu structure streamlines common configuration tasks and allows the administrator to accomplish deployment and management much faster than ever before.

Published Feb 17, 2014
Version 1.0

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