Upcoming F5 Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Hi everyone,

I'd like to put together a week-long Ask Me Anything.

A thread would be opened in the Technical Forum on a Monday morning with some background on the guest SME, and people would be encouraged to ask questions throughout the week (so everyone in every time zone can participate). After a week or so, our guest would then then answer the questions over on the Events page, and we'd share the link to the recording to the original post in the Technical Forum for folks who weren't able to watch the live show.

Is that something you'd be interested in?

     If yes, who from F5 would you want to see featured in an AMA? For example, you could name

- a specific person (like Brian McHenry, VP responsible for BIG-IP and NGINX Security),

- a title (the Product Manager responsible for Advanced WAF),

- a team (the team responsible for F5's One WAF Initiative).

     If you can't think of a specific person, is there perhaps a topic you'd like to ask someone questions about? (iHealth, F5 SIRT, DDOS mitigation, etc)

Let me know in the comments below, so I can do my best to set up a good session for the community. If there is enough interest/attendance, we can see about making this a regular feature on the site. 

Updated Jun 23, 2022
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