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Apr 28, 2022

Proposal: Editing CrowdSRC article "bumps" it in the list

One thing that I liked with the old site was that when I released a new version of BigIPReport the article ended up at the top. As it is now I feel it's harder for people to find the project and releasing a new version kind of gets forgotten amongst the old articles.

If you want a thriving Code Share I'd propose that updating an article sends it to the top of the list. It'd also make sense to me to separate code contributions to Crowd sources technical articles as they are two fundamentally different beasts. If I want to find new cool/helpful tools it would not make sense to sift through BigIQ How-to's to find what I am looking for.


  • Very important addition. People always complain and focus on the bad parts but I also want to say that this is a huuuuuge step up from the old platform. Love and appreciate all the work you've put in!!!

    Still dislike BigIQ though... Carthago delenda est! 🤣

  • so a default sort of last updated, not last contributed?

  • Status changed:

    1) Thanks for putting this in the suggestions. 😂

    2) I am going to make this happen alongside a pending update to CrowdSRC (one of the other suggestions).

    Next couple weeks on the outside.