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May 13, 2022

Enable reactions to posts

Hellooooooooo fair traveller!

I speak to you from the dark days before the world was enlightened, when men were men and women were legendary... When people posted a message and everyone gasped in wonder and amazement at this new electronic medium but no one could see or experience those reactions because there was no means to do so! A whole subculture of though and shared communities was denied us but no more!

Spin forward to 2020 and the world has moved on, communities can post a thought and get peoples reactions, emotions, amazement, you get the gist. The most common representation of these feeeeelings.... was an emoticon. A simple yet positve way for people to express their feeling about something. A way to share the love, the laughter, the sadness and  humanity of your community.

Yet here we are in 2022 with the most advanced increditble and amazing community software in the world today yet we are denied this simple avenue for human emotion ... in a community no less! I cannot fathom how such decisions are made so point me sir! to the most terrible and dangerous dragon that created such fear in the hearts of man and woman! I will leap onto my glorious steed, pull out my longsword and charge with a yell to slay thee for you all! 

Then with mead in hand, sit and drink with my friends from devcentral telling tales of time where emotion was not allowed, people were not permitted to express their appreciation and we can all laugh at a time so long in the past.... it became just another legend!