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Jul 20, 2022

Email Digest/Newsletter with DevCentral Articles and Forum posts?

Hi community, 

Sometimes I get emails like summary digests or newsletters that sends content directly to my inbox. I was wondering if this is something we should consider implementing for DevCentral too.

  • Would you be interested in getting articles/videos/forum posts emailed to you?
  • If so, do you have an idea of how often you'd like an email like this? 
  • If not, why not? 

Here's an example from my inbox: 

Let us know your thoughts!


  • Status changed:
    Needs Info

    Thanks Rebecca!

    I get a couple of these too. Some are useful some are not.
    While this platform DOES have a daily/weekly digest option for email notifications; that is mostly based on what the member pro-actively chooses to care about - is probably too noisy for someone trying to learn the basics.

    FWIW - any DevCentral member may update their own Subscribed Content and then Notification Settings to decide whether you want emails never, immediately, daily, weekly.

    Navigating to Avatar > Subscriptions & Notifications.

    That said - a proper 'newsletter' email would be new/different/beyond those details.
    I'm interested to hear what the Community thinks.

  • interesting idea and reaction.

    for another vendor's forum i get a daily email with the new questions (and even replies) of the day. which gives me  a chance to quickly scan if something useful i going on.

    based on the link from Lief im trying to set that up now for the Technical Forum, lets see how that works out.

  • Status changed:
    Needs Info

    As of today - and also based on member subscription / notification settings I expect most users to be notified of updates to threads in the following common circumstances:

    * posts on which they have commented
    * posts / threads / forums / or labels on which they have subscribed

    But neither of those are the same as a proper newsletter as Rebecca_Moloney has suggested.
    I'll let this sit in Status = Investigating for another month or so - if there is no further expressed interest I'll probably decline the idea.

    Let us know if you'd find this useful (or if it makes you think of a better idea - such as what boneyard mentions).


  • Im fine with what we have now, the post updates are useful. Next to that the weekly reviews that Leslie is often does help in another area.

    Sure you can come up with a more extensive newsletter but first priority would be finding someone to collect / write it.