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Feb 06, 2022

Community Moderators ?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to bring moderators group in the forum, where a certain privileges allow the moderators to close a thread (when it's already answered) or mark a thread as duplicate, delete phishing posts. There are so many active users, who would like to contribute for this forum. Just a food for thought.


  • Status changed:

    jaikumar_f5 - excellent suggestion. I expect we *will* be doing this in the future - it's just hard to predict right now how far into the future that will be.

    Since we just recently migrated to this new, more powerful, platform there is much to learn. Eccentricities of the tooling and then how we procedurally want to use the new tooling. We are starting slow but developing some 'normal practice' that we expect to share with an expanded group of moderators.

    What criteria or rules and expectations would you consider good enough to trust your content (your community) with such powers?

  • I'd start by creating a thread in the forum with open nomination with some good criteria. People who are interested to moderate the content. 

    Some basic criteria like,

    1. When they joined the forum (so that a newly joined doesn't just spam to meet the criteria)

    2. How many posts they've got (Would tell their active participation in the forum)

    3. Have they helped resolve any threads, (Would tell their knowledge)

    4. Have they contributed any articles or codeshare (Would tell how extent they want to help the community).

    5. Maybe an signed agreement too, incase things go sideways ­čśë

  • Status changed:

    To date we have increased the level of permissions to MVPs to include some lite-moderator permissions (edit others' posts) - this enabled a bit more crowd-sourced help with malicious content. But we haven't properly *operationalized* it.

    Leslie_Hubertus - (We haven't discussed this recently but we've touched on it) - Let's sit down sometime in January and sort out some proper moderation permissions and begin with inviting interested MVPs as a proof of concept for a set period - see what that experiment fleshes out and then "Where we go from there is a choice I leave to 'you'" - https://youtu.be/q4iL4Wd2Akg?t=22