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Apr 18, 2022

Bring back Series ArticleList

Hi DevCentral Team,

I think it's good if u guys can bring back a series article list as before.

I understand that we can search the keyword "Series" but it's not organized well as a list and parts of an article as before. From the user perspective (like me) I can not remember exactly the keyword such as http-series, ssl-series ... So I think it's good if we can group them into series so that users can easily use them as before.








  • Status changed:


    We agree with you. This was one of the few known gaps we had going into our new-platform project. The current "meta-data" approach with the series- tags is considered a barely usable placeholder while we establish how best to approach the new series feature. I, for one, am still learning a lot about how the community uses the site as well as which OOTB features I might leverage in the medium or long term to achieve the same/similar ends. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Here's a comment from one of the survey feedbacks, keeping the submitter anonymous:

    "Please bring back article series linking. In this version of DevCentral I have no idea if an article is part of a series or not, and where the other articles may be?"

  • Thanks Leslie - adding this feedback to the existing Suggestion is valuable. Anyone watching/interested in this request is welcome (encouraged) to comment here or simply give thumbs up to the idea at the top of the page.

    That will help to let me know how widespread the sentiment is.


  • LiefZimmerman - maybe an article that lists and links to article series articles? An everything-in-one-place thing we can keep updated as new articles get published?