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Apr 25, 2024

Web acceleration

We have a Web acceleration setup on the virtual server with HTTP profile set to http

If we change the http profile to 'None'  does it set the filed 'Web acceleration profile' also to 'None' ? Is both http.proflr and Web acceleration profile fields dependent ?


Thanks in advance




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  • Hi KrishnaB,

    The web acceleration profile provides HTTP caching. It cannot be added without the HTTP profile on the virtual server. When you change the HTTP profile to None, the Web Acceleration profile also to None.

  • if the vs has no http profile, bigip will not do any http layer based processing, i.e. caching, compression, irules on http headers/body, etc.

    for example:
    caching needs bigip to read "cache-control" response header to determine whether server sets the response data to be cacheable or not.
    compresion offload needs bigip to remove accept-encoding header in http request.