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Jun 18, 2012

WAN Optimization




I am a F5 newbie, so I hope I don't offend anyone on here with the following question. I attended a users meeting awhile back and remember hearing that the LTM can perform some basic WAN optimization out of the box without needing to purchase a WOM license.




I have been doing some research and the only information that I can find on the optimization topic is that associated with the WOM.




I guess I have a two-part question: does the LTM 3900 support wan optimization out of the box and if it does, how do I configure it?




I would greatly appreciate if someone on here could provide me with some configuration pointers or a link to documentation.








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  • Hello,



    I think it's called isession/wom lite.


    It should be free (no license required) but you have to provision it on System\Resource provisioning.