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Jul 09, 2015

Virtual server status via SNMP

I am trying to use SNMP to get the status of my virtual servers. With snmpwalk and ltmVsStatusAvailState I can get the list of servers.


[user@ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmpwalk -v2c -c nagios 192.168.x.4 F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/ipforwarder" = INTEGER: blue(4) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_fx_ftp" = INTEGER: green(1) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_fx_tcp" = INTEGER: green(1) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_grd_tcp" = INTEGER: green(1) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_grd_udp" = INTEGER: blue(4) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_grd_syslog" = INTEGER: blue(4) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_fx_http_8040" = INTEGER: green(1) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_fx_http_8080" = INTEGER: green(1) F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_grd_http_8080" = INTEGER: green(1)


Is is possible to do a snmpget to obtain a status of a particular virtual server? The below is not working.


[user@ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmpget -v2c -c nagios 192.168.x.4 F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/ipforwarder" F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState./Common/ipforwarder: Unknown Object Identifier (Index out of range: /Common/ipforwarder (ltmVsStatusName))


I was able to find the following OID for a particulate virtual server and do snmpget to return the status. However getting all the OIDs for all the different virtual servers is not feasible for our environment. I want to be able to configure our Nagios monitoring server utilizing a readable name that contains the name of the virtual server if that is possible.


[user@ ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmpget -v2c -c nagios 192.168.x.4 . F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_t57ungrd_http_8080" = INTEGER: green(1)


I translated the oid to a name:


[user@ ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmptranslate F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_t57ungrd_http_8080"


But I still couldn't do a snmpget to get the status. [user@ ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmpget -v2c -c nagios 192.168.x.4 F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/vs_t57ungrd_http_8080" F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState./Common/vs_t57ungrd_http_8080: Unknown Object Identifier (Index out of range: /Common/vs_t57ungrd_http_8080 (ltmVsStatusName))


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  • I figured it out, the quotes need to be escaped.


    user@ltm01:Active:Standalone] ~ snmpget -v2c -c nagios 192.168.x.4 F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState.\"/Common/ipforwarder\" F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."/Common/ipforwarder" = INTEGER: green(1)