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Mar 17, 2012

Using F5 for connection pooling between web site and oracle database

We have an apache/php website using oci instant client to connect to an oracle database. Instant client is 11.2 and oracle is 10GR2.



We get 50-60k connections to database an hour and were looking into adding connection pooling. I know some frameworks like Zend have something like this built in, but I was wondering if we could use F5 to manage connections in some way.




We have a F5-BIG-LTM-1600-4G-R running 9.4.8.




Oracle dev's are saying that the large amount of connection tear up and down would be good to reduce if we could manage this, but most of what I see refers to pooling of f5 to a web app.


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    Well... If SQLNet was well documented you COULD write an iRule to pool connections... But in reality, I suspect that's not going to be an easy task (but interesting nonetheless).



    I'm not going to say it's impossible... just... Interesting... It'd be fun though :)