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Aug 16, 2019

Using a swagger file to create an ASM policy for an API in BIG IP Ver-15



I had heard that in BIG IP Ver15 that you could create an ASM policy for an API using the swagger file for the that API. Can anyone point me in the direction of the documentation on this? We have just upgraded a TEST system to Ver15 and I want to use the swagger file I have to create the policy for the API.


Thank you

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  • In v15, when creating a policy you can set the "Policy Template" to "API Security" and then upload the Swagger file via "OpenAPI (Swagger) File" -> "Upload File"




  • Please note that Swagger import is only available for Advanced WAF. The configuration is straight forward. Just import the file. Afterwards Advanced WAF can enforce the API-Endpoint structure including HTTP methods and parameters.


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      is it possible to have multiple Swagger files added to the policy?


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        No, you can not have multiple swagger files in one ASM Policy. You could merge all API settings to one swagger file (this is not a copy-paste thing), or use multiple ASM Policies where each includes one swagger file for one API service/microservice then match them properly in LTM policy or Irule based on URL (application context)