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Jul 17, 2018

Syncookie threshold 2999 exceeded


During peak window we have noticed following logs on our LTM

Syncookie threshold 2999 exceeded, virtual =

Syncookie HW mode activated, server =, HSB modId = 2

I am reading this doc


"The SYN cache threshold is governed by the pvasyncookies.virtual.maxsyncache database variable. It defines the maximum number of outstanding SYN a virtual server can hold per TMM before the SYN cookie protection mechanism is activated. The default value of this threshold is 1993 (For 11.3.0 - 11.6.1) and 2999 (For 12.0.0 and later)."

We are running 12.0.0 so that is what i am seeing 2999 limit in logs, Default global setting is 16384

How do i increase threshold of