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Jun 19, 2012

SSH IP Allow - multiple subnets

I'm trying to secure web management access to my LTM 1600 v11.1. I've configured SSH and am allowing the following subnets:



This is what I've configured under Platform -> SSH IP Allow: 10.1.3.*



Issue: From 10.1.4.x I can still SSH into the LTM, so it doesn't seem like my statement is valid. Has anyone successfully configured multiple subnets for SSH IP Allow access?






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  • i was under the impression that the big-ip only has one management plane for inbound / outbound comms, and that it did not allow multiple connections for this. from what i gathered, and our big-ip is still new as well, but the managment port is a dedicated port that is only there for management traffic. so i don't think you can put that port on mulitiple subnets...