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Jul 08, 2022

SFP+ port don't work after upgrade from 13.1.3 to

I have upgraded my BIG-IP 5000s from 13.1.3 to

After reboot, the panel display version, but all light for SFP+ port is down, and could ping the IP address configured on the port.

The IP address of the Management port could be pinged, but could not access the device with ssh or httpd (403 error).

Any advice is appreciated !

Best Regards,


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  • Hello Perlang

    This specific version ( could be under the scope of the EoSD condition. 

    Check the sw life-cycle policy:

    • EoNSS (01-Apr-2020)
    • EoSD (01-Apr-2021)

    REF -
    REF -

    Besides that, your best chance is to open a support case.

    If you don't have the chance, just try those workarounds just to see if it helps.


  • Hello Dario

    Thank you for your reply !

    When I connect to the device via console, I reconfigure the httpd/sshd ACL, So I could login with web.

    When I login, it display one warning line with yellow backgroud,

    "This device is not operational because the loaded configuration contained errors or unlicensed objects. Please adjust the configuration and/or the license, and re-license the device."

    I had tried to unplug the SFP module for 10 seconds, without any effect.

    So I downgrade it to now. It could work and restore the ACTIVE-STANDBY status with another device.



    • Hello perlang,

      First, figure out what your "service Check Date" is.

      tmsh show sys license

      It should be higher than

      14.1.x - 2018/10/25

      In case it isn't, you should relicense your device in order to avoid the error you have shown.





  • Try running "tmsh load sys config". It should tell you, where the config load fails.

    As mentioned before, relicensing the unit may fix the issue.

    You should also make sure, the system is still under service. Enter your BIG-IP H/W serial number here:

    Product Information Request 

    Some older platforms (2000s/4000s/5000s etc.) might not longer be supported as well.

  • the Service Check Date is 2018/02/05.

    Thank Dario and Stephan for your help !



    • If the service check date is 3+ years old, it´s very likely, that current minor releases are not supported. According to K33062581 the TMOS v14.1 was released 12/11/2018.

      So it is important, to relicense the unit. If the service expired end of 2018, the service check date will not be renewed and you will not be able to install TMOS major/minor releases that are younger. 

    • Your Service Check Date is too old for this release.

      As I've pointed before. You have to relicense your hardware.


  • Thanks again !

    I have relicensed under,  the 5000s could work.

    But when I reboot it with, the network is disconnected.

    After I connected with Mgmt port, I get one warning,

    "a valid service contract is required to complete installation.",

    under System->license.

    Should I pay for a new contract if I want use the old device under ? 

    And how about under ?



    • Hello Perlang, 

      Boot your device in Check if your "Service Check Date" is updated. In case of yes, reinstall firmware image in the other boot location ( or use "cpcfg" to propagate the changes.

      REF -

      Let me know if this solves your issue.


    • According to  the platform can run the following software versions:

      5000s/5200v (C109) 15.0.0-15.1.2 14.0.0-14.1.4 13.0.0-13.1.3 12.0.0-12.1.5

      But the service check date has to be younger than the release date of the firmware as listed in 

      If your service was expired in 2018, this will be the best service check date and you wont be able to run a major (1st digit) oder minor (2nd digit) release published after the service check date.

      If you want to renew the service contract, F5 will probably ask for a penalty. Keep in mind, you cannot update to the latest TMOS anyway according to K9476.

      If you take a look into you will notice, that technical supports for the 5000S ends 10/1/2022.

      I think it is time to reinvest. An equivalent new H/W (rSeries) is available. You may also consider to switch to BIG-IP Virtual Edition.