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Feb 20, 2020

Replacing a license on Big-IP

We are currently using a lab license in the lab which a limit of 10mbps throughput. We have an old BIG-IP LTM 200mbps license which we do not use anymore (it was used before, so does that mean it is...
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    Feb 21, 2020

    Q: Will be be able to change the license on the machine which uses the lab license to use the 200mbps license?


    Ans: Yes you can, but you need a valid support contract to activate it on the machine which currently uses the lab license.


    Q: What is the procedure?

    Ans: You have to call F5 support and request them to release the Old licence from old VM


    Q: Can we do it without the use of F5 support?

    Ans: No


    Q: Will F5 support help us if we do not have a valid support contract?

    Ans: They could help you but you cannot activate it on new machine without Active support contract.


    Hope this helps