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Feb 01, 2024

Rename F5 LTM Partition

Hello All, I have created two partition on an LTM and now need to change the name of partition without deleting or loosing any data of it.

Could you please share any article/steps to do that?




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  • Hi ndubey2

    It's recommended to re-create this partition/or any object again and delete the old one. 
    Have a look here :

    Michael_Saleem using enabling mv command and using it can cause a huge impact in the system , F5 release an official article regarding that  , have a look here : if the impact Okay with him he must do it in a maintenance window.

    and disable mv variable again  

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      Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh Agreed. As mentioned in my initial reply, you should only attempt the mv command in a maintenance window as it can cause an outage (and you should disable this feature after using it).

  • The following may help. You should only attempt this during a scheduled maintenance window. You will also need to ensure that the new partition name does not already exist.


    1. Create a Backup UCS File
    save sys ucs /shared/tmp/BACKUP-BEFORE-RENAMING-PARTITION.ucs
    2. Enable the MV command
    modify sys db mcpd.mvenabled value true
    3. Move the Partition
    cd /
    mv sys folder <OLD PARTITION NAME> to-folder <NEW PARTITION NAME>
    4. Delete the Old Partition
    delete auth partition <OLD PARTITION NAME>
    5. Reset the MV Command Back to Default Setting
    modify sys db mcpd.mvenabled reset-to-default 
    6. Save the Config
    save sys config