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Dec 03, 2010

Oracle Web Cache and HTTPS




I have an F5 Big IP LTM and i use it to redirect my traffic to some oracle web cache servers. The problem i come across is the following. I have created a https virtual server to port 443. The first page comes in fine but when i log in to my application i get redirected to http again.



I have tested the app directly from the web cache and it uses https but when you try to request through the F5 it redirects to http.



Anyone has an idea what the problem might be???Do i need an irule or so to keep https protocol on????



Thanks a lot for any help.





EDIT::::I am really sorry but i have found the solution. Thanks a lot to everyone . If a moderator can erase the post that will be great.,




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  • Hi Epilas,



    For future reference...



    Was the solution to enable rewrite redirects on an HTTP profile? Or maybe change the app config so it knows it's being SSL proxied?



    Thanks, Aaron