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Nov 04, 2011

OneConnect and Persistence for HTTP App

We've got an HTTP web service which is getting really uneven load distribution, to the point of causing outage on some of the pool members. The clients of the web service do not support Cookies (they do not honor the Set-Cookie header), so we have been resigned to using Source Address. The problem is that much of the load is coming from multiple applications on a single source address, and I need to come up with a way to more evenly distribute the load with the LTM. So my thought is to use OneConnect. Since the documentation seems to be written for a different use case, I can't quite get a handle on how it works exactly so I'm not sure if it would resolve the issue or not.



When I apply a OneConnect profile to an HTTP VS, *my understanding* of the doc is that the LTM makes load-balancing decisions on a "per-request" basis. If that's true, what I can't figure out is how the LTM keep track of which pool member any particular request was sent to - what in the request does the LTM keep track of, and where is it stored?

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