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Jun 14, 2022

OAuth APM as Authorisation server



Got a question I can't seem to get answered.


I have a OAuth authorisation server setup. I have applied the oauth profile and I have a per session policy that use oauth authroization to assign claims and scopes.


The claims are setup based upon session variables.

So the JWT created have 5 in life for access token and 60 min life for refresh token.

So at 5min +1 my client/resource server will access the auth server for a new access token using the refresh token.


I see this on the APM logs on the auth server and the client/resource server.

BUT on the auth server, there is no session alive !  so which auth server session variables is it using.

Does it just use the values that were assigned when the original request was made if thats the case.

How can I . if possible update the information for each request ?

Is it possible 








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  • Hi AlexS_yb 

    You right, in Oauth AS use case, APM does not keep session up. As soon as the token is issued, the session is deleted.

    If client presents a refresh token, the previous values from the first request should be used. 

    I'm curious to know which kind of information you want to update during a "token refresh". As if something changed on Owner side, a new authentication is required, then new session var (claims) are issued.

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      Some claim information is based upon ldap group membership.

      With the current setup a 60 min jwt toekn means that a users permission might last 60min past it being removed.


      I was thinking maybe to reduce the refresh token time done and force a new jwt, seem expensive though

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      Nothing as yet, that would be helpful.