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Mar 08, 2023

NTP behavior on the management backplane

We see NTP for, .2, .3, .4 on our guests in INIT or STEP for all 4 blades. These guests are syncing successfully  to external NTP servers and do not show Peer Time Out of Sync prompts. 

From what I read in /etc/ntp.conf, these would only be used internally if the configured external NTP sources can't be reached. 

Are the INIT and STEP statuses cause for concern or normal behavior? 



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  • jlarger What specific model are you running? The output from command "ntpq -np" on my lab F5 which is able to sync time to ntp destinations only shows the configured destinations in that output.

  • INIT and STEP normally mean that the ntp service hasn't had a responce from a NTP server.
    So this might be config, routing or firewalls etc.
    the 127.3.0.X look like local loop back addresses, are you on a viprion? Not sure if there is a passthrough for this sort of stuff over the chassis.

    Also what do you mean by guests?
    Do you have local NTP Servers or are you trying to go external?


  • These are guests on viprions. The 127.3.0.x addresses are for backplane management.