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Jul 18, 2023

Multiple Port Load Balancing

We have 3 IPS load Balanced with 2 ports port 8080 port 8080 port 8080

VS port 8080 port 7080 port 7080 port 7080

VS port 7080

It was noticed that traffic was only going to Port 8080 with port 7080 not having  a single hit 

how can i ake sure services are load balanced btween the instances 8080 and 7080

  • FAJUMO I don't believe it can be included in the DNS response but in order to use both 8080 and 7080 you would need to have the following. 

    You could configure an 80 virtual server that balances to both the 8080 and 7080 and then an iRule on each one that performs a redirect to 8080 or 7080 depending on which virtual server you end up being balanced to in the pool for the 80 virtual server.

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  • FAJUMO You have verified that VS on on port 7080 does have statistics showing it's being used? It's possible that you have persistence configured with "Match Across Pools" if you are not seeing the port 7080 pool pool members with zero statistics at all. You can apply an iRule to the virtual server in question and put a logging line similar to the following to see where the traffic is ultimately being sent that comes in on port 7080.

    when LB_SELECTED {
        log local0. "LB INFO - Client: [IP::remote_addr], Port: [TCP::remote_port], Pool: [LB::server]"
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      Hello Paulius,

      Thanks for your swift response.

      No traffic was seen on 7080 while traffic was seen on 8080 while checking the statistics (Find attached)

      I have applied the Irule you adviced, how do i get the logs for the Irule ?

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        FAJUMO Those appear to be the statistics for the pool and not the virtual server. Check the virtual server statistics and if they are zero then either the virtual server isn't configured correctly or the client is not making a request to 7080 on that particular IP.