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Jan 23, 2021

LTM Management with FQDN



I'm new to F5 stuff. I am wondering is it possible to manage F5 using FQDN instead of Mgmt IP address? I have already created DNS for the mgmt IP, but when putting the FQDN for F5 in the browser, it's not working.


Can anyone point me to the documentation to set this up?


Thank you.



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  • As per my understanding, it should work once you have DNS entry against the F5 IP address. There's nothing specific configuration required on F5 side. Can you check if that FQDN is resolving F5 IP from your system or not?


    As a quick trial, i just tried same by adding local host entry on my system where i pointed one FQDN against my F5 IP and i am able to access WebUI as well as CLI using that FQDN.