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Aug 18, 2011

Link to code on CodeShare fails

I am attempting to download the code for the app Virtual Server Pool Member Status And Control at The link at the bottom of the page to download the code is this:



Notice the missing p in .zip and the URL completely wrong and I get a website error when trying access the link. If I manually put in I can get the code fine.


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  • Hi Kent,



    Thanks for pointing that out. Anyone can edit the wiki articles. I updated the link.



  • Hi all,


    how could I install the VSStatus? Could you help me?



    Thanks a lot


  • Hi Fabrizio, if you download the zip file from the wiki topic and extract the contents, you can find the binary in there. There is no installation program, just the zip file with the executable in it. Just extract the contents from the zip file and click on the executable and you should be good to go.




  • Hi Joe,


    thank you for your reply, I find the exe file and I correcly configured with a BIGIP test! So, I tested also the real time polling, how is the refresh time?



    I would like implement the grafical status icons for a quick check.



    Thanks a lot