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Jun 15, 2005

iRules syntax checker / validator

Is the syntax checking / rule validation feature still in development, or has it been committed to a release yet?

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    I'm not sure what you are asking about. There already is a syntax checker & validator incorporated in the product. It currently will prevent loading of a rule that fails basic syntax checks, object dependencies (eg, whether a pool exists or not), and command/event dependencies (eg, using the right command in the right event).

    Perhaps you have previously disabled the validator and it's not running. The validation is controlled by the BigDB variable "Rule.Validation". It can have the following settings:

     strict: performs syntax checks, object dependency and command/event dependency checks and fails to load if any checks are invalid (this is the default). 
     check: performs syntax checks and object dependency checks only. 
     syntax: performs only syntax checks. 
     none: completely disables the validation. 

    We are also working on a Rule Builder wizard to help construct a majority of basic rules that will soon be made available here on DevCentral for Beta testing.

    Hope this helps.
  • i feel like an idiot, or it's too late in the day, but where is this rule builder? i'd like to play w/ it.
  • It has arrived...and it is a great tool. Check the downloads section of the site for the iRules Editor. Far greater usefulness than I had hoped for!



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      Hi JRahm,


      Could you please share the linke to download the iRule Editor. Really appreciated. Thanks.