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Aug 25, 2011

Irule for redirect when all pool members down, need one for each pool? and what is the standard practice for sorry server?

This is what I have for an iRule to implement when all members of a pool are not available due to maintenance or unplanned outage

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [active_members EXAMPLETEST_POOL] == 0 } { HTTP::redirect "" } }

Now this is for one pool, we have over 10 pools. Is there a way to re-write this so the same iRule can be applied to each virtual server? Or do I need to create a separate iRule for each pool?

Lastly, the re-direct is going to one server serving the web page. This has to be mapped to a public IP at the firewall with the non-nat'd IP as the virtual server for that web server. Then a DNS record created for that public IP address.

Is this the typical practice for a sorry server? Are there any steps I can take to mitigate any risks if any in my present setup?


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