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Dec 26, 2011

iControl v11 transactions with BigIP device version 10.2.1?



I am evaluating iControl v11 transaction support to upgrade my existing v10.2 of iControl. Does the bigip device require any updates or installation to enable transactions on it?



Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Jitesh,



    I had the same question a few weeks back. Here's a rough paraphrasing of Joe's reply:



    The iControl library allows you to make calls to the BIG-IP device. In order to use the new functionality in the API, you must upgrade the BIG-IP OS. So to use iControl transactions, you'd need to upgrade your BIG-IP to v11.



  • My reply was on an internal email so he likely can't point you to it easily B-).



    As for transaction support, the method were added in v11 so if you are running 10.2, they won't be on the system. It was a new feature that you can't get without upgrading.



    Check out the System.Session interface ( for details on the methods.



    You can also check out this article George wrote on how to use the various methods:





    Hope this helps...