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Jun 22, 2011

IBM FileNet P8 w/F5 Big-IP LTM

Last week while I was researching IBM FileNet P8 and F5 I found the following IBM Redbook.




IBM has published a High Availability Redbook for IBM FileNet P8 which includes step-by-step procedures for configuring F5 devices, ensuring the highest levels of interoperability and integration.




Please reference Chapter 5 Hardware load balancer implementation (F5 BIG-IP) page 73 (High availability implementation for IBM FileNet P8 system components) for additional details on how Big-IP integrates with IBM FileNet.




Hopefully other F5 engineers will find this as helpful as I did.










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    Thanks for the post, Patrick!



    To the larger DevCentral community, it's worth mentioning that we have a dedicated solutions page on for FileNet P8.





    On this page, there is a direct link to the IBM Redbook that Patrick mentions.