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Jun 25, 2012

Https redirect and pool selection

Hi all



I need to write an irule doing two things :




1 - offload SSL and redirect http requests to https




2 - make a pool selection based on the object type requested


ex : for *.php --> send to pool php_pool


for * --> pool to static_pool




so it should look to something like :








HTTP::redirect https://[HTTP::host][HTTP::uri]







dispatch requests


when HTTP_REQUEST priority 501 {


switch -glob [HTTP::path] {


*.php { pool php_pool }


default { pool static_pool }









The problem : it looks like the dispatching section is never processed ! whats wrong with this code ?




Thanks for all






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  • Hi Aiche,



    Make sure to only apply the HTTP to HTTPS redirect rule to your HTTP virtual server and the dispatch iRule to your HTTPS virtual server.



  • Thanks Aaron, i will try it tomorrow and bring you feedback asap.



    Best regards