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Feb 23, 2012

Http Class - "Match All" Doubt.




In Application Security ->Classes-->Create Button


Under configuration section i have application Security enabled , however all other setting i.e the Hosts , URI Paths , Headers , Cookies are greyed out with "Match All". Do i have to enable the checkbox on its right so that the "gray out" disapears and it actually "Matches All" traffic as expected. Or does it inherit the parent class by default and is hence gray inspit eof the checkbox being de-selected ?



Pls Adivse.

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  • Hi Nik,



    If you have an option unchecked on the child profile the value will be inherited from the parent profile. If you change the value on the parent profile, the child will inherit the update. If you have the customize checkbox selected even with the default value set the child will not inherit any future changes for that field from the parent.