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Apr 12, 2011

How to add members in a pool with connection limit ?




I'm trying to add members to my pool in command-line because in the GUI it's one by one...



So I tried :



[root@F5-DB:Offline] config b pool db_pool {member}


BIGpipe pool modification error:


0107007a:3: The weighted least connections algorithm for pool (db_pool) requires all pool members to have a connection limit.



I don't find anywhere how to add this connection limit.



Is there a way to add a range of member in 1 shot ?



Thanks for your help !


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  • Can you try this:



    b pool db_pool { member { limit 1234 } }



    '1234' is the connection limit
  • Hello:



    The way I handle b commands is to reverse engineer from the configuration.



    b pool POOL-WRR list



    pool POOL-WRR {


    monitor all MON-TCP-80


    members {



    limit 200





    limit 300









    To add a member with the connection limit, I use the following command (pretty much read it from the top)



    b pool POOL-WRR members limit 200 add
  • @hwidjaja, I tried : b pool db_pool {member xxxx:mysql limit 50 } , it erase all node in the pool lol



    @Haluck, thanks that worked, I didn't know that by just reading the config from the top equasl the command to use, very helpful thank you !
  • Hi Bastien,



    I actually adopted the command from your previous one :)


    Btw, You can put 'add' parameter to add instead of overwriting the config; eg.



    b pool db_pool { member { limit 1234 } } add



  • If you have more complex members/parameters to add then I would suggest to use { } block.



    Don't hesitate to ask for help, we're here to learn together :)