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Sep 18, 2015

How to add asm to the existing LTM policy



Is there a way to add the asm actions to an existing LTM policy. Let's say there is an LTM policy with a lot of rules and forwarding actions only.


When a I try to add the asm control to this policy it says that I can't as the existing rules have no asm actions.


On the other hand I can't add an asm action to rules before the asm control is added at the policy level.


How to add asm without recreating the whole policy and all its rules?


The same issue arises with the L7dos control.


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  • Hi,

    you can do it with tmsh:

    modify ltm policy mypolicy controls add { asm } rules modify { all { actions add { 10 { asm disable } } } } rules modify { default { actions add { 1 { asm disable } } ordinal 1000 } }

    it add

    asm disable
    action on every rules, add a default rule with asm disabled and add controls ASM. you can then define for every rules the ASM policy manually.