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Dec 08, 2020

High Availability

I am setting up two new Virtual F5 . External / internal VLAN have no problem but i am facing issue while trying to ping HA vlan from one VE f5 other VE f5. My understanding is HA VLAN should be any VLAN which is present in Hyper V. Does that VLAN has to be present in network switches or its only required inside of VM environment ?


I have verified port lockdown and packet filter ,everything is fine .


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  • Hello,


    If your both F5 instances on Hyper V will communicate via switch or Core switch, you need to have at least that L2 VLAN on the switch and it should be flowed till the HyperV. Lets say, you've dedicated network for HA configuration. Then you can create L2 VLAN on Core switch/switch through which both F5s will communicate. And flow that L2 VLAN till the HyperV. Once this is done, if you configure HA using any IP addresses from above dedicated HA subnet, you should be able to ping HA IP addresses from each other.


    You can use the other VLAN segment present in HyperV but you need to make sure that you are using IP address from that VLAN segment only. And VLAN connectivity is present/flowed till the HyperV so both instances can communicate with each other.


    Hope it helps!

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      Thanks for your reply Mayur .I did that but seeing some weird problem. When both F5 on same Host HA VLAN can ping each other when both or on different host its having issue now . I have created L2 VLAN on my switches which connect host and allowed same VLAN on Port channel.

  •   Could you re-verify VLAN connectivity and VLAN mapping for F5 NICs on the host again? Suspecting something related to it.