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Feb 17, 2012

Getting connection rate, traffic rate statistics per virtual server




We are interested in collecting connection rate (connections per sec) and traffic rate (bits in/out per sec) per virtual server from a f5 device. But using F5 api, I can only get connections current/maximum/total , Bits in /out data. So is there a way to compute connection rate and traffic rate from connection and traffic data....?



We can see this statistics is directly available via snmp and can be reported on cacti.. So why is this statistic not directly available on f5 api..? Or Am I missing something , is it possible to get this statistic directly using f5 api..?



Thanks and would appreciate any help on this.









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  • With either the iControl API or SNMP, you need to poll on frequency x and take a delta. The SNMP interface will be far more efficient for this purpose than iControl.